Gate Well Care

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

G a t e w e l l C a r e is committed to implementing a system to ensure each participant will receive quality services and supports that respect and protect their dignity and right to privacy by complying with the ‘Privacy Act 1988’ and the ‘NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework’ requirements and other legal obligations.

To ensure privacy for the Participant when discussing sensitive or personal matters, G a t e w e l l Care will only collect personal information which is necessary for the quality of provision of
services and supports and given voluntarily to the Provider.

At G a t e w e l l C a r e , we will protect and uphold the dignity and right to privacy of the
Participant for all personal and confidential information.

All our employees and workers are trained and committed to respect and protect the dignity and right to privacy of the Participant for all personal and confidential information.

G a t e w e l l C a r e will make sure that each participant understands and acknowledge to what type of personal information, including recorded material in audio and/or visual format will be collected and for what reason.

We will provide an interpreter if required for communication with the participant and respect to work with participant’s interpreter or representatives.

All personal and confidential information will only be collected, used, retained and disclosed to other parties such as their advocate by obtaining the Participant’s consent.

We will inform the participant in what circumstances the information could be disclosed, including that the information could be provided without their consent if required or authorised by law.

Gatewell Care ensures the information is appropriately prevented from misuse, loss, remove,
change, unauthorised access and disclosure to or use by any other person or organisation.

Each participant can request to have access to the collected information by contacting us via email, mail or phone using the details provided in the ‘Provider Contact Details’ section of this ‘Participant Handbook’at any time to correct their information and withdraw or amend their prior consent.

At G a t e w e l l C a r e , we aim to collect the information accurately and maintain them up to
date. All documents are stored on a securely protected database with appropriate use, access,
transfer, storage, security, retrieval, retention, destruction and disposal processes. Hardcopies will be kept securely in a locked filing cabinet, in the office.

The personal information that is no longer required or legally expired will be disposed of. Each
participant can provide any feedback on the quality of service or make a complaint about a breach of the privacy using the details provided in the ‘Feedback and Complaints Policy’ section of this ‘Participant Handbook’and/or complete our ‘Feedback and Complaints Management Form’ that has been provided in the ‘Welcome Pack’. Feedback can also be made via on our website on the ‘Feedback and Complaints ‘page.