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We're ALWAYS looking to expand our team.

Below you’ll find current openings as well as “bench” positions.

Gatewell Care

At Gatewell Care, we’re huge fans of learning and growing.  We support our staff with ongoing provide ongoing training, supervision and opportunities to grow. We’re based in the Hills district of NSW but in this day and age, we’re open to hiring talent nation-wide.

Our Hiring Process

We’re looking for genius people to join our great team. We take pride in our work and we recognize the talent. Gatewell Care are what define our culture and allow us to grow and thrive.  We have an in depth hiring process that incorporates multiple steps to help us asses skills, core values and personality fit. That said, our process typically takes about 2-4 weeks from the time we officially reply to your application with a request for an initial screening call to the time we send a job offer.